How To Be Your Best Self: 8 Steps to Help You Change Yourself


How To Be Your Best Self: 8 Steps to Help You Change Yourself

You probably want your time on Earth to be well-spent. Growth and expansion are nebulous and unclear goals; knowing you want to grow and expand is not always enough to get there. While there is no clear method that’s set in stone, there are many methods available. Many successful people have shared their insights and techniques for self-improvement. They’ve overcome obstacles and paid attention to their habits in order to help you learn how to be your best self.

Create A Vision For Your Life

No matter where you are or what your condition is, there is probably another alternative that you can think of. Your imagination may take you far, and this is only convenient if the visions are practical. There’s a high chance that you can envision an attainable better life for yourself.

When anyone is stuck in a rut, their visions of a better life are often extremely skewed and unattainable. This can seem like an antidote to their current state of being, and thinking of something less fantastic is often discouraging. These skewed visions often lead to more disappointment and a lack of proper direction.

When you create a vision for your life, think of simple and easy ways to make changes. You may not be able to move into a larger house, but you might be able to move your furniture around or organize clutter to make more space. Be realistic and easy on yourself when you come up with a vision.

If you’re traveling to a new location, you’re probably going to want to check a map first. If you don’t know what the destination looks like, you won’t know when you’ve gotten there. You won’t know if you’re going in the right direction until you have a clear understanding of where you’re actually going.

Try New Things

It’s common for people to listen to the same songs or watch the same videos over and over again. They may eat the same food for breakfast every day or take the same routes to work. These habits often continue endlessly because they’re comforting.

Repetitive behaviors often lead to stagnation, and pleasurable experiences decrease in intensity when they occur too often. Moving forward is nearly impossible if brand new decisions aren’t being made each day. Frustration, confusion, and displeasure will arise when you develop a high tolerance to the basic pleasures in your life.

Changing repetitive rituals is daunting and unpleasant when you cannot trust the fact that trying new things is a path to pleasure. Change up your daily routine, try new foods, use new words or talk to people you haven’t spoken to before. Freshen your daily experiences and engage in new behaviors.

New sensations arise when you change things up. New thoughts and emotions will present themselves if you become more willing to act out of your standard comfort zone. You can escape a muddy and sticky rut by loosening up and trying new things.

Sustain Your Motivation

When you have envisioned a goal that you are able to act upon, you must maintain the energy that’s propelling you in that direction. Your daily experiences will shift or even distort your perspective of the world, and this can potentially drain you of motivation. To sustain your motivation, clarify your reasons for having your goals and remember the feelings that made you want to act.

Remind yourself of the results you seek. Question your real reasons for seeking a goal and whether or not the actions required are truly in alignment with your best self. It’s okay to sit down with yourself for a few minutes and reflect on your real reasons for pursuing something.

Results are important, but don’t let them be the only focus of your motivation. Results can be enticing and exciting, but they may make you blind to your real needs. An animal won’t cross a lake of lava to get a piece of food on the other side; rewards are not always enough to justify your reason for following a certain path.

If your living conditions are too difficult, your energy will become limited. Propelling yourself forward will be extremely exhausting. However, you can engage in habits that regenerate your willpower and drive to pursue a desirable life. Remember your capacity for growth, and honor the best self that is already inside of you. You can make healthy choices at any moment, and it is never too late to change your path.

Practice Gratitude

No one wants to lose the blessings in their life, even if they don’t focus on how thankful they are for those blessings. Gratitude ensures that self-sabotage is out of the picture. Your blessings are like flowers that require water and sunlight to grow and blossom; love and attention will nourish them.

Gratitude is an act of compassion and appreciation. A lack of gratitude may sometimes develop from a fear of loss. It’s not uncommon for people to believe that appreciating something will create more pain when they lose it.

Detaching from what you love can potentially lead to the very outcome you’re trying to protect yourself from: it can cause loss. Rather than focusing on the fear of loss, focus on the real reasons for your thankfulness and appreciate your blessings in the moments they exist.

Many people benefit from writing down what they are grateful for. They keep the positive aspects of their life on paper in order to solidify and officialize their gratitude. Find ways to keep track of what you are thankful for so that you have a reference to use when you feel ungrateful or dissatisfied with life.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

You probably already know that good habits are a key component of self-improvement. The truth is that many people engage in good habits that they don’t fully nourish and hone. To hone good habits is not only to engage in them but to also improve upon and refine them.

Eating more vegetables is a good habit, but someone who is eating more vegetables may not always choose to cut processed sugar from their diet. Many people add good habits without removing unhealthy ones. Question your new routines, determine if they’ve to lead to good outcomes and see if you still have problematic habits to change.

If you are extremely busy or you take care of other people, your needs may fall at the bottom of your priority list. Many individuals in this position are under the illusion that self-care must be sacrificed in order to care for others. They must accept the fact that caring for others is impossible when you aren’t engaging in self-care.

You are connected to the people who surround you and most especially to the people you take care of, which means it’s very important to focus on self-care. Self-care may involve simple habits such as brushing teeth and taking showers, or it may involve complex habits such as meditating or engaging in enjoyable hobbies.

A lack of satisfaction with life commonly takes away a person’s desire to care for themselves. Their needs must be met if they want to overcome their daily struggles, but they often expect the struggles to go away before they feel motivated to meet their needs. Accept that the struggles will not go away unless you meet your needs; doing the opposite of this goes against the flow of nature.

Don’t focus on just one area of your health. Strive to balance your basic needs and provide each area of your life with an equal amount of love and dedication. You don’t need to strain yourself or multitask in order to do this. You can fairly distribute your energy to each of your needs or the needs of others.

Pursue Self-Concordant Goals

It’s unwise to pursue goals for the sake of pleasing others or meeting societal expectations. It’s potentially dangerous to only follow the money when you set goals and visions for yourself. In that case, jobs become a means to an end, and therefore, your performance is likely to suffer.

When a worker is unmotivated, they serve no benefit to themselves or whoever they work for. Paying bills and feeding yourself or your family is important, but don’t neglect your need to follow a passion that aligns with your optimal life vision. At any point in your life, you have at least a few minutes every day to direct yourself towards a better future.

Set and make efficient progress toward self-concordant goals. The path you choose should align with your optimal vision of life. Consider yourself, as well as those around you, when you follow this path.

Choosing your goals and social roles wisely does not have to negatively impact others; in fact, it can often significantly benefit the people around you. In your healthiest state of being, the role you play in society will be supplemental and symbiotic with the healthy intentions of others.

Work Toward Modifying More Problematic Aspects Of Life

Some issues require stability in other areas of your life before they can be addressed. When you’ve made sufficient strides and changes to your daily rhythm, problematic aspects of yourself or your world can be significantly modified and worked upon.

There is a right time for everything. At one point or another, a need will arise for you to explore the previously-unexplored aspects of your world. You will find new goals and changes that must be made in order for your optimal life vision to be completely realized.

Sometimes, more difficult problems arise when you’ve made significant changes and improvements to your life. This may make you think you’ve made a mistake, but the truth is that significant changes often cause a domino effect of other major changes in your life. The problems inside of you and outside of you will become more apparent when you’ve brought yourself into a better state to deal with them.

Take Responsibility For Your Goals And Your Choices

Proud artists have no problem signing their work or claiming ownership of it. Dedicated artists are responsible and take their goals seriously. However, when most people make a mistake and fail to reach their goals, they deny or suppress that fact.

Few people are truly comfortable with admitting their mistakes and being responsible for them. It’s a bit embarrassing to do, but once you’ve confronted your need to take responsibility, your confidence will be stronger.

If you don’t take your goals seriously, then every attempt at achieving them will be pointless and ineffective. If you empower yourself and acknowledge the seriousness of your life path, you will be pleased to see real results and find real solutions to problems.

To take further responsibility for your goals and choices, purchase a planner to keep track of everything on your mind. Your thoughts will become chaotic and disorienting if you try to organize everything inside your mind. Writing everything on paper and recording it in an organized manner with eliminate confusion and improve your satisfaction with life.

Use the Clever Fox Planner to keep track of small and easily-forgotten details. Create multiple to-do lists and monitor your goals carefully so that you don’t lose sight of them. This planner also has a section that helps you mentally reflect and develop your awareness.


Your best self is unique and in alignment with the world, you live in. In this completely accessible state of being, you get more positive feedback, both internally and externally. The chaotic waves of life will always exist, but making healthy choices will give you the ability to survive those chaotic waves and also grow beyond them.

All of your goals will take time and dedication, which is why it’s highly recommended to have the Clever Fox planner. Keep track of your choices and expand your understanding of yourself by taking notes and scheduling your daily activities.

The process of self-improvement isn’t always easy, but it’s entirely doable for everyone. By learning how to be your best self, you will find ways of maintaining your long-term goals and seeing your visions come to fruition.