12 Best Planner Stickers in 2020 Help Decorate Your Planner


12 Best Planner Stickers in 2020 Help Decorate Your Planner

Do you ever look at the pages of your planner and think that they look a little blah? If so, you’re not alone, but unless you’re an accomplished artist, you probably aren’t comfortable creating your own designs. The great news is that you can use a set of the best planner stickers to spruce up any planner or bullet journal with ease.

Dozens of options are on the marketplace, and while it would be impossible for you to try them all, we decided to dive into the topic. The result is this list of 12 fantastic options that will make any planner look polished, memorable and fun.

Read on to learn more.

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List of 12 Best Planner Stickers on the Market Today:

1. Budget Stickers by Clever Fox

Budget Stickers by Clever Fox - 14 Sheets Set of 1030+ Unique Budget Planner Stickers for Your Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planner, Budget Planner, Calendar or Journal, Budget Sticker Book (Budget Pack)


These cute planner stickers are the perfect choice for anyone who’s determined to control their budget. Maybe creating a budget, paying off debt and starting a savings account aren’t the most glamorous things to do, but they’ll certainly look that way thanks to these stickers.

This kit comes with 14 sheets and more than 1,030 stickers. That’s more than enough to dress up any planner so that you’ll always remember to keep your budget in mind.

These matte-finish stickers are printed on high-quality paper. The excellent adhesive appears to stick well to just about anything, which means that they can be used with any planner or bullet journal.

Inside the kit, you’ll find stickers to mark your paydays and the days when important bills are due. You’ll be encouraged by these stickers to categorize your spending so that you can track where every dollar goes.

Even the down-to-business stickers in this kit are cute with pig and fox motifs. There are also generic flag stickers that can be used for anything, and some stickers have a place to write down notes. Also worth mentioning are the stickers with inspirational quotes to help you stay on track.

What Consumers Are Saying

Many people recommend these cute and colorful stickers to help make budgeting less of a chore, though they do notice a funky smell.

Pick up this pack of budget stickers to get your financial house in order.

2. Lamare Decorative Planner Stickers and Accessories

Lamare Decorative Planner Stickers and Accessories - 400 Beautiful Monthly, Weekly & Daily Sticker Set - Journal & Calendar Stickers for Student & Kids - Happy Journaling Agenda Sticker Pack


With pastel colors and an emphasis on natural and botanical motifs, these daily planner stickers are a soothing addition to planners. Four-hundred stickers allow you to beautify your planner for as much as one year.

Each sticker is printed on 100 gsm paper and features strong adhesive so that you can use it anywhere. Cute styles include a little typewriter, a globe with a camera, roller skates, animals, birds, flowers and more.

If you want to create a planner that’s calm and soothing, let these stickers help. Colorful food stickers highlight special treats like pizza night or an ice cream social. The possibilities are endless with stickers that feature scooters, bicycles, suitcases, the ocean and inspirational phrases. No matter where you are bound on your journey, these stickers will help to get you there.

What Consumers Are Saying

Fans praise the artistry of these stickers, saying that they can be used for a wide variety of planners. Calling them pretty and positive, most people recommend them for others. Nonetheless, some people would like to see more variety in the stickers.

Pastel, pretty and playful, these stickers deserve a spot in your planner.

3. Gold Foil Planner Stickers

Aesthetic Gold Foil Planner Stickers - 1250+ Stunning Design Accessories Enhance and Simplify Your Planner, Journal and Calendar


Glamorous gold foil makes these planner stickers stand out. Plus, this kit comes with more than 1,250 stickers, so you can decorate every page of your planner.

This comprehensive set covers all of the bases with month-specific stickers that ensure that your entire year is festive. You’ll find plenty of inspiration and stickers that will help you keep moving toward your goals and being more productive. Budget stickers are included too.

If you’re worried that you won’t stick to your commitment to use your planner every day, then consider getting this beautiful sticker set. This is a diverse collection that covers you for just about any eventuality. Some of the stickers are really tiny so that they can be used in smaller planners too.

What Consumers Are Saying

These high-quality, thick stickers receive lots of praise from people. They love that there are stickers for every conceivable holiday and occasion, but a few were disappointed that the stickers cannot be written on without smudging.

With a glamorous and sophisticated feel, these stickers are a great addition to work and personal planners.

4. bloom daily planners New Classic Planner Sticker Sheets

bloom daily planners New Classic Planner Sticker Sheets - Variety Sticker Pack - 417 Stickers Per Pack!


If you use a bloom daily planner, then you’ll feel right at home with this set of planner stickers. However, you definitely don’t have to have a bloom planner to use this cute and colorful set.

In fact, these also make the perfect bullet journal stickers because many of the 400 plus designs are generic enough to use any way that you prefer. You’ll get plenty of motivational pep talks from these stickers, and you’ll also receive memorable ways to designate important happenings like vacations.

You’ll also be able to commemorate things like birthdays, anniversaries, brunches and special dates. This also is an excellent set if you’ve got goals to attain and important to-dos that you simply can’t forget.

What Consumers Are Saying

Trendy designs like unicorns, cacti, donuts and many others make this a playful set of stickers. People love that these stickers help to make hectic weeks much more fun. Made of high-quality paper, it often is possible to reposition stickers if they are affixed crookedly. Nonetheless, some people wish that holidays were included.

If you’re looking for fun but relatively generic planner stickers, then this is the set for you.

5. Zicoto Planner Stickers

Aesthetic Planner Stickers - 1500+ Stunning Design Accessories Enhance and Simplify Your Planner, Journal and Calendar


With more than 1,500 stickers in this collection, you just might be able to decorate several planners and calendars. That’s 33 full sheets of stickers. If variety is the spice of your life, then you’ll love this collection.

This set works great as college planner stickers, but they really could work for just about anyone. These stickers are designed to help you set goals, get productive and make useful to-do lists. You’ll get adorable stickers for every holiday along with plenty of positive reinforcement to remind you to keep reaching for your goals.

In addition to the many cute and playful designs, this set comes with tons of more generic stickers like stars, check marks, arrows and flags to let you create habit and goal trackers to your heart’s content. Other stickers have spaces where you can write down shopping and to-do lists.

What Consumers Are Saying

Many people fall in love with these stickers because they cover the practical, like doctor appointments, as well as the fun, like holidays. Nonetheless, more than one critic complains that these stickers are glossy, making them hard to write on.

Covering a comprehensive range of seasons and subjects, many people are bound to adore this sticker collection.

6. Vladi Creative Planner Stickers

Planner Stickers for Women (1k+ pcs Value Pack) - Functional & Decorative Designer Stickers for Bullet Journals, Planners & Calendars - Planner Accessories by Vladi Creative


These bright, rainbow-hued stickers are certainly eye-catching. If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your planner and turn around dreary days, then this is the collection for you.

Do you feel unhappy or unmotivated while at the office? If so, consider using these as work planner stickers. Your mood is bound to improve each morning when you’re greeted by these bright and charming stickers.

This collection consists of more than 1,000 stickers, so you’ll have plenty of variety from which to choose. You’ll get stickers for tracking the weather and healthy eating. Some stickers are designed for you to write lists on while others help you keep track of when bills are due. Flags, stars, hearts, check marks and more are ready to help you track habits and goals.

Each season is represented on a sheet, and you’ll find stickers for each month as well. Whether you’re committed to remembering everyone’s birthday, staying on a budget, maintaining hydration or all three, you’ll find stickers here to keep you moving in the right direction.

What Consumers Are Saying

Most people have a great deal of fun placing these stickers in their planners. They love the bright and colorful icons. However, some wish that there were enough number stickers to stretch for one year instead of just six months.

These intense, color-saturated stickers may be just what’s needed to wake up your planner.

7. Jade Active Christian Journaling and Planner Stickers

Christian Journaling and Planner Stickers - 840+ PCS Bible, Faith, and Religious Planner Stickers - Perfect for Gorgeous Planners and Bible Journals


These faith-based agenda stickers are just what you need to help you continue on your spiritual journey throughout the year. With nearly 900 high-quality stickers, this set keeps you calm and centered in the midst of the most turbulent days.

Pretty pastel colors make these stickers soothing to the eye. Even when you’re schedule is hectic, these stickers will help you to feel calm and in control. If you are using a scripture-based planner or journal, then this set will provide the ideal enhancements.

Special stickers in this collection allow you to highlight things like Bible study and times for worship. There are even stickers that remind you to rejoice and glorify even on the most ordinary days.

This set covers the more mundane basics as well with things like numbers, arrows, stars and flags.

What Consumers Are Saying

Customers love how these stickers may Bible study and everyday planning more creative. Others wish that this set were just a bit larger.

If your planner is faith-based, then you will love enhancing it with these stickers.

8. Busy Bee Planners Planner Stickers

Planner Stickers - Set of Over 1,000 Planner Stickers - 20 Sheets of Colorful Stickers - Busy Bee Planners


Whether you use a Busy Bee Planner or not, you may be drawn to this tranquil and sophisticated set of planner stickers. What’s nice about this collection is that there is enough repetition for those stickers that you really love and want to use over and over again.

There’s a nice diversity of fonts on these mostly text stickers. They have rather a minimalist vibe and the more neutral colors definitely will appeal to a lot of people. Many practical stickers for things like oil changes, appointments and healthy eating are included.

Sheets with flag-shaped stickers containing words like note, delegate, ASAP, today’s goal and relax are in the collection. You’ll also find plenty of inspiration and motivation as well as fun surprises for vacations, days off and travel.

What Consumers Are Saying

With good-quality paper, gorgeous colors and lots of diversity, many people are thrilled with this collection. However, some users have had trouble with the adhesive actually sticking to the page.

If you’re looking for a minimalist set of planner stickers, then this is for you.

9. ban.do Planner Sticker Book

ban.do Planner Sticker Book, 35 Pages with Over 700 Assorted Stickers, Issue 2


Fun, vibrant and colorful, this sticker book contains 35 pages and more than 700 stickers. In addition to loads of “to-do” and “due” stickers, you get shopping list stickers as well as a host of color blocks for birthdays, anniversaries and other events.

If you are a beauty blogger or just like to look your best at all times, then these beauty planner stickers are for you. What makes them unique is that they not only have stickers for things like dental appointments but also stickers that say “Manicure,” “Nails” and “Hair Appt.”

Also included are plenty of motivational and inspirational stickers to keep you moving forward with fun as well as a host of fun icons like pizza slices, fruit, lipstick, a compact, jewels, flowers and more. Any planner will look colorful and modern thanks to this set.

What Consumers Are Saying

People praise this sticker pack for being unique and colorful. Nonetheless, some people were disappointed by just how small the book and its stickers were.

If you’re a beauty blogger who likes to stay on top of the latest trends, this sticker collection is for you.

10. Sunny Streak Ultimate Productivity Journal Supplies Kit

Ultimate Productivity Journal Supplies Kit - 31 Piece Set, Custom-Designed Supplies for Bullet Dotted Journals, Includes Stickers, Stencils, Washi Tapes and Sticky Notes by Sunny Streak


While this amazing collection does have stickers, it comes with multiple extras. That’s because it’s a kit to get you started with bullet journaling. Accordingly, it boasts a range of stencils, sticky notes and washi tape in addition to stickers, which is pretty nearly everything you need to do some bullet journaling.

This kit contains 20 sheets of stickers, six stencils, four rolls of washi tape and one sticky note pad of to-do lists. The stickers include the names of the months, to-do lists and priorities as well as stickers that let you label certain days or events as “work” or “fun.” Also in the stickers are habit trackers and mini calendars.

In the stencils, you’ll find numerals, alphabets, calendars and a variety of shapes in addition to helpful bullet journaling shapes like dots, squares, flags and arrows. The washi tape is designed to dress up any page while also detailing useful information while the to-do sticky notes have side tabs that you can overlap on the pages of your journal for easy reference.

If you have been wanting to start bullet journaling but weren’t sure where to begin, this set will get you going. The stickers aren’t super creative, but they are colorful and helpfully designate important dates and appointments. You get four of each sticker page, so you’ll have plenty of supplies to play with.

What Consumers Are Saying

Saying that they appreciate how this kit is comprehensive and has everything that they need for a bullet journal, many people recommend this collection. Nonetheless, some users do note that a few of the stencils were rough around the edges.

Anyone who is excited about starting a bullet journal will appreciate this complete set.

11. Erin Condren Monthly Sticker Book – Edition 5

Erin Condren Monthly Sticker Book - Edition 5. Decorative, Functional, and Cute Stickers for Customizing Planners, Notebooks, and More. Assorted Colors


Erin Condren’s name is well-known in the world of planners, and this set of reminder stickers for planners does not disappoint. It has only 276 stickers and therefore seems a little expensive. Nonetheless, the quality and style of these stickers are outstanding.

In muted yet colorful hues, you’ll find a page of stickers for every month of the year. This means that you’ll be able to designate all of the holidays while also making the pages in your planner extra festive.

These are definitely designed to coordinate with Erin Condren planners, but the lovely and soothing stickers will work well with virtually any planner or bullet journal.

What Consumers Are Saying

With inspirational quotes, pretty icons and useful shapes, these stickers will help to dress up your planner. Vibrant designs and colors make these stickers totally worth it to most customers. Critics say that these stickers seem to rip a little more easily than earlier editions.

Fans of Erin Condren products will find plenty to love about this sticker set.

12. me & my BIG ideas Sticker Value Pack

me & my BIG ideas Sticker Value Pack - The Happy Planner Scrapbooking Supplies - Farmhouse Theme - Multi-Color Stickers - Great for Projects, Scrapbooks & Albums - 30 Sheets, 715 Stickers Total


With a mix of bright and muted colors and a wealth of floral accents, this collection is a must for users of the Happy Planner or anyone who admires a farmhouse motif.

In fact, these are the ideal academic planner stickers because they have lots of designs for to-do lists and due dates so you will always be on track.

In addition to the adorable farmhouse style, what makes this collection stand out from the competition is the mix of bright and muted colors. This makes it really easy to place special emphasis on certain dates or events while also leaving room for stickers that are calm, soothing and help you plan.

What Consumers Are Saying

Most people are delighted with this collection, saying that it really dresses up their planner or journal. A few people noted that they received a pack with a few missing stickers.

The super-hot farmhouse motif makes these stickers an excellent choice for many people.

Making the Decision

We especially love the gold foil planner stickers for their whimsy and sophistication. However, if you’re wrestling your budget, then you’ve got to have the Budget Stickers by Clever Fox to help you working toward your goals. Choose any of the entries on this list to ensure that you get the best planner stickers.